Productivity Focused

Hybrid Kitchens

With our Digital KDS, your kitchen becomes connected with your servers. Remove issues with missing items, 86'd items and refires.

  • Our Easy to use KDS offers multiple viewing modes to match your restaurant needs.
  • Recieve 3rd party orders directly to the kitchen.
  • Multi Station Routing
  • Expo and Kitchen Modes
  • Notify customers or servers when orders are ready
Productivity Focused

Robust Menu Management

Imagine making a single change and having it update your POS, your mobile devices, online ordering, kiosk and 3rd party all at once.

  • Intutive menu flow builder
  • Create one menu for all your operations, even 3rd party
  • Manage multiple locations and menus with a single click
  • Custom styling for menu buttons and modifiers options
  • Auto Prompting
  • Mix and Match Individual and Group Mmodifer
  • Route Modifiers to alternate stations.

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