Onboarding Fees
 Category Description Rates
On-site Day On-site installation day (8 hours) with a STOVE-trained resource. Time can also be leveraged for manager and staff training or go-live support.

Note: There may be additional fees incurred based on your request. 

Additional $750 travel fee for non-covered areas.
Remote Day A STOVE-trained resource will be available for remote support for 8 hours within the defined time period: Monday-Friday between 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. local time.  $699/day
Non-Standard HoursAdditional $500 fee for after-hours work, weekend work, overnight stay, or national holiday. $500/day/resource 
Cable TerminationYou are responsible for having all cables terminated prior to your installation. Cables that need to be terminated will be subject to this fee for onsite installations.$50/termination
Cancellation Fees
 CancellationsCanceling or rescheduling an installation, training, or go-live less than seven (7) days before the scheduled appointment date. This fee will be assessed for every scheduled day.$300/day/resource 
Site Readiness If a STOVE-trained resource comes on-site and the location is not ready for installation, this will result in a cancellation of the current appointment as well as subsequent scheduled appointments. $300
Post-Live Services Fees
On-site Tech Support A STOVE-trained resource will be available to come on-site for a technical services appointment.$140/hour
On-site After Hours or Holiday A STOVE-trained resource will be available to come on-site for an after-hours or holiday technical service appointment. Appointments scheduled to occur on a weekend or with a start time of 7 p.m. or later are considered after-hours.$180/hour
Remote Tech Support  A STOVE-trained resource will be available remotely for a technical services appointment.$100/hour
Online Ordering Setup One-hour consult with a STOVE modules specialist to configure and train on Online Ordering settings and best practices.$100
Gift Card Conversion Conversion of existing gift card liability into the STOVE system.$100
Loyalty Conversion Conversion of existing loyalty data into the STOVE system.$200
Inventory Upsell
One-hour training call with a STOVE modules specialist on inventory configuration and best practices.
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