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  • What is STOVE and how does it work?

    Using STOVE helps connect your restaurant. Using an all-in-one system makes it easy for your FoH to engage better with your guests.

  • I already have a POS system

    We are glad you recognize how a POS can streamline your operations and help you with reporting. However using the latest STOVE further enhance your operations and help increase sales.

  • Can I use my own hardware

    In many cases you can use your own hardware. We require an android based system. Hardware running apps like Toast can be easily transitioned to STOVE using most of the same hardware.

  • How is the support

    Of course we will say the support is great. However we don't want you to have to even call support. We would rather make a quality system that works when you need it to. But in case your wondering we provide 24/7 live support with phone, chat and email being available with Trained POS technicians.

  • Is there a free version

    Valid question. But rarely is anything free. Many times those "free" systems have high credit card fees, extremely long contracts and don't allow you to actually own anything. STOVE will give you market competitive processing rates, a reasonable contract length and allow you to own tangible property. FREE doesn't always mean quality or live support.

  • How long does it take to get started

    It generally takes 2 business days to get your account fully setup. From there depending on shipping we can have equipment sent to you within 7-10 business days. 

    Need it faster? Give us a call and many times we can accommodate emergencies and rushes.

  • Is STOVE new

    STOVE has been the backbone of a larger resort and theme park management system since 2004. Since 2013 we made the POS portion available on its own under the STOVE name. With the all new all-in-one version being available 2022. 

  • Where can I access STOVE

    Many features and functions are available directly at the POS. Management functions can also be viewed in the mySTOVE web manamgement tool or via the STOVE manager app

  • Is there a limit on users

    No. STOVE does not limit how many users have access to the POS, management or reporting tools.

  • Can I add features at any time.

    Yes, you can add features to your plan at any time.

  • Do you charge for users?

    No, you can have as many users as your would like.

  • Is billing by brand or location?

    We use a location format, meaning you can have multiple menus and brands operating out of a single location. These menus are tied to the same POS menu, if you want seperate POS terminals or online ordering that would be a seperate virtual location. 

  • Can I get onsite support or training

    Yes. We have both onsite support and training avialable for an additional cost. 

  • Can I take gift cards?

    Yes. Gift cards is built into the STOVE system. This makes issuing and accepting cards much cheaper than using an outside service. We can even offer you custom branded gift cards. 

  • Can I use my own payment processor

    STOVE does allow the use of various payment processors. If they are compatible you may use them with STOVE. 

  • Will you just increase my credit card rates?

    Unlike many other systems we strive to  not use payment processing as a sole revenue stream. Our goal is finding a sustainable, robust payment platform if your current provider wont work. 

  • What do I do with my old POS?

    Sometimes we can utilize existing hardware reducing the upfront cost. In other cases some hardware can be repurposed or even resold. If none of those options are available equipment can be eRecycled.

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