Productivity Focused

Connect to your customers beyond the 4 walls

Stay in touch and enhance the loyalty that customers have with your brand.


Enhance Engagement

Automate your way to success

Connect and interact with your guests with email, marketing, loyalty, sms and more.

The smarter way to engage

With loyalty automation you can reward frequency, ordering and more with email or sms. 

Solution that grows with you

Find all the metrics that matter to you and your guests.

Connect with your customers

Send special offers, LTO (Limited Time Offers), promotions and reminders via email, sms or online.

Get guest feedback and manage reviews.

Everything in One Place

From start to finish get the tools and data you need

Intuitive Dashboard
Intuitive Dashboard

STOVE makes it easy to create campaigns, segments of customers and build content that draws customers to you.

Effortless Integration
Effortless Integration

Work with major social media platforms, design tools and

Enhance Engagement
Enhance Engagement

See progress and track success of campaigns you run


Sell physical and eGift cards

Reach your audience through social media marketing

Target specific customers and potential customers

Data Integrations

Use the latest 3rd party tools to reach your audience,

Data Integrations
Research Audience Preferences
Research Audience Preferences

Send the right content to the right audience

Start building your audience today!

With the tools you need to build your target audiences and engagement tools to reach them where they are.

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