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Access our full Back of House with all the tools from a computer, tablet or phone from anywhere with safe and secure logins.

All the tools

Our Back of House dashboard provides you all the tools to efficiently and effectively manage one or multiple restaurants.

Real Time Data

Our dashboard is real time. You get the latest data with no delay.

Inventory Management

Control the availability and see in real time items that are available.

Prep List

Properly plan for the future. With AI driven prep sheets you can better manage what needs to be made and when.

Customer Loyalty

Use STOVE's loyalty tools to better engage with customers and build higher spend and more frequent visits.

Productivity Focused

Hybrid Kitchens

With our Digital KDS, your kitchen becomes connected with your servers. Remove issues with missing items, 86'd items and refires.

  • Our Easy to use KDS offers multiple viewing modes to match your restaurant needs.
  • Recieve 3rd party orders directly to the kitchen.
  • Multi Station Routing
  • Expo and Kitchen Modes
  • Notify customers or servers when orders are ready
Productivity Focused

Robust Menu Management

Imagine making a single change and having it update your POS, your mobile devices, online ordering, kiosk and 3rd party all at once.

  • Intutive menu flow builder
  • Create one menu for all your operations, even 3rd party
  • Manage multiple locations and menus with a single click
  • Custom styling for menu buttons and modifiers options
  • Auto Prompting
  • Mix and Match Individual and Group Mmodifer
  • Route Modifiers to alternate stations.

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