Feed your guests more with STOVE!

Ensuring your guests an enjoyable experience STOVE’s all inclusive system offers reliability by incorporating modern strategies that work directly for you and your guests! This allows you the option of endless possibilities to explore and utilize new and exciting abilities that can ensure your business future growth!

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The evolution of technology today has changed away any establishment can communicate with their guests. QR codes offer your customers more options to create their own experience. Offer them the flexibility to do everything from reading the menu, learning specials, placing orders, even to payment!

Reduce the need for additional staff and supplies while saving money each and every day. STOVE’s BYOB program, bring your own device, allows you the benefit to immediately begin your journey on day one! With the option for direct ordering you can allow your establishment the power to capture more data from your guests than ever before! All this information is yours to use for marketing behaviors, promotional concepts, new specials, and even establishing the most effective rewards program on the market today.

Accuracy and speed of service define a guests experience. In order to exceed customers expectations while keeping up with demand, utilizing integrated QR codes can change the game for any already established or newly created restaurant. QR codes offer the option for direct ordering and customization all included with STOVE’s personalized modern and brand-able platform.

Our dynamic layouts are completely versatile giving you endless options of customization while allowing guests to utilize their own devices on their time.

Benefits With Our Service

Whether you prefer to have a handheld tablet, table QR codes or stationary kiosks available, ordering and checkout could not be easier or more affordable. STOVE is consistently working to ensure a fulfilling product that suites our guests every need. So call us today!

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