Kitchen Displays speed up your kitchen.

STOVE turns up the heat by putting interactive screens directly in the eyes of your kitchen staff. No more long ticket times, loss of tickets or options of a misprint! Come try what everyone is talking about and join the revolution by going digital!

Allow your chef the freedom to clearly see meat temperatures, customization requests, plating and packaging procedures, allergy notifications, and instructional recipes directly from the line.

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Benefits With Our Service

No more hostility of lengthy guest receipts clogging up your line. Prioritize items like recooks and special requests directly from your screen. Large parties are now a worry of the past with the ability to group orders without all the confusion.

Each station is offered their own specific display options that you can customize each day. This gives you the freedom to know your staff is always ready for the next rush!

Come take a bite, with STOVE!

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