Self Ordering Kiosk

Kiosks enhance the guest experience.

Enhance your guests experience as soon as they walk through the door. STOVE’s modern form of labor is here to stay, add self ordering kiosks to your quick service, fast casual, café or bakery, or any enterprise today!

Kiosks free up your front of house staff allowing you to save labor costs over night!
Using STOVE’s kiosks you give yourself the freedom to supplement staffing and reduce the challenges of the current staffing crisis. This opens endless doors for you to explore many features of exponential growth straight from your dining room!
Increase your upsell possibilities and add profits from day one!

Our modern, sleek and integrated kiosk options are sure to attract guests with excitement, comfort and ease.

STOVE’s Self ordering kiosks offer your establishment endless limits to opportunity!

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What can you use kiosks for?

STOVE’s kiosks offer endless capabilities to maximize profits with any establishment.

Kiosks can be used for ordering, just checking, loyalty sign up, promotions, and even payment. Customization is made easy with options to add mouthwatering photos directly on the screen to sway even the pickiest of eaters.

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Kiosks can help build brand awareness.

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