Always be where your customers are.

Delivery is a must post Covid for the restaurant industry. However maximizing data collection, keeping good profit margins, while getting rid of all those pesky tablets and devices of delivery services clogging up your system, is required! Is there a solution?

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Receive delivery orders with ease all on one platform while being able to collect your own customers data all in one simple place!

STOVE eliminates the need of hoarding multiple tablets by accepting the orders from any delivery platform all on one device. This gives you the option to collect data from even third-party orders.

STOVE’s ability to show customer insights and provide feedback on off-premise orders and delivery orders helps you restaurant create a strong loyalty with your guests no matter where they may be.

Benefits with Integrated Delivery and Curbside

You can better manage all your delivery options without having to have outside services. Manage all menus and orders from a central location.

You can also collect data on customers and provide a more personalized service including marketing tools such as e-mail and sms campaigns.

Yes! Our api allows us to accept orders from any delivery provider. This is in sharp contrast with most POS providers who get kickbacks or charge delivery providers for integration which limits your options.

Curbside Ordering and Fulfillment makes it easy to meet your customers by providing vehicle information as well as a live view of the curbside designated delivery area. We can even notify you when the driver arrives.